No putting it off

You think I am talking about the fish bag, aren’t you? Not done yet. I have made the back though:

The zip is topstitched on. I’ve had to do too much ‘perfect’ sewing these days between commissions and alterations (yes, I know I said I don’t do that anymore but I have found a way to  get round it in my head: a post on that is to come) so something in the other direction seemed called for on this long-running project.

It isn’t that I don’t WANT to finish the bag, I’ve just have other things to do first. There’s the garden of course, which is feeding us lettuce, zucchini, strawberries and (in another day or two) blueberries, then I had to build up some pearl stock due to so many people asking about what I had for sale these days , then I got a few commissions (one of which I swapped for house work), which then led to more sales of the stock, which is why I need to get back to pearling once I sort out what to wear for this wedding. Let’s hear it for another weekend of golf competitions both days. They do help me get caught up.

There are few truths in this world. Of one I am certain: just as the majority of men look good (or at least better) in a dinner suit (and like thugs and low-lifes in tammies), most men look FABULOUS in a kilt.

Himself wears his but once or twice a year now. I joke that it takes him longer to get dressed for formal things than it does me (then again, I build foundations into my gowns and don’t wear make up so I’ve got plenty of time to help him with all the many bits he needs to get into). The wedding is at 3PM so technically too early for this jacket and vest but it is what he has at present. When we go to Hong Kong next summer we can go to his tailor and get a more appropriate jacket made for day wear. I’ll go shopping at the pearl wholesalers while he does that.

There was no question that I was going to buy anything new for this thing. Frankly, we are spending far more on this event than we should. As the only child of two only children, Himself has a tiny family.  A cousin of his mother married a cousin of his father and they had two kids, who are therefore his only cousins, and it is the older who is tying the knot. We have not seen the groom in perhaps ten years and never met the bride. The couple asked for money (which is beyoooond tacky), we have to spend the night at the hotel where the wedding is taking place and you’ve heard me before on the price (85% tax) of petrol in this country. Did I also mention that we are driving up and back and staying in the same hotel as Himself’s parents? This whole event falls under the better or worse clause. If I were a petty, modern feminist sort of wife I would say that Himself owes me. Good thing for him I’m not, eh?

After checking the weather for this coming Saturday three hours to the north of us, I decided to go with this dress

which is a restyle of a dress I made about 20 years ago. See here for the story

It is, however, backless and I do not show my ink in such settings so I chose this old cardigan to go with it.

On a recent Refashion Co-op post, you’ll find a very easy and fast way to spiff up a T or tank or sweater. I need to go grab that link for you but it isn’t that long posted so will be easy enough to find!

For my fabric circles I used one of the old muslin curtains I’d made for the conservatory windows when we headed off on the assignment. My little makeshift curtains were replaced with custom built-in venetian blinds with part of the ‘settling back in payment’ — which should not be in any way considered a bonus ’cause we don’t use that word anymore — and have been sitting around looking for a purpose.


I like these flowers better when the folds are offset.

But…I was not liking the look as much as I thought I would.

Spread thin these flowers are too flat and bitty. Bunched up they were going toward a clown collar look. They were also making the buttons pop more than I liked, so I took a break and change the buttons to pale blue.

While I was fussing with the flowers, I though ‘I’ll wear my big, fabulous Hong Kong pearls’. You could wear a sack with those and nobody would notice anything but the pearls. Just as Himself only gets to wear his kilt every so often, I am no longer in many situations that require BIG pearls. J (she who taught me to string, knot and chose pearls, for which she has my eternal gratitude) always says there is NO outfit that you can wear that does not benefit from some sort of pearls.

Those little fabric circle flowers are going to detract big time from the pearls, so this refashion (after an hour or so that COULD have been allotted to the fish bag!) amounts to a change in buttons. I’ll save the wee circle flowers for something else.

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